International Tours by Ashram Swamis

In the year 2007, Swami Gurusharanananda and Swami Mangalananda, accompanied by Captain Singh, a student from the school, began to tour abroad for two to three months of the school holiday season at the invitation of ashram devotees living in foreign countries.


The two Swamis present bhajan concerts (Indian devotional music),



give classes in Yoga, meditation, and philosophy,


and meet with satsang groups dedicated to Sri Anandmayi Ma to speak of Ma and share the joyful company of Her devotees.
In these trips, they have introduced people in many countries to the work of the Omkareshwar School, and many people now come every year to assist in the school and visit the Ashram.

They have been featured guests for the last three years at the International Yoga Festival given every year in Berlin Germany in July (see: where they give classes and a well-attended concert.
Every year the Swamis travel for about three months, bringing international awareness of the Ashram and School and forming a world-wide networks of enthusiastic devotees working together with a common aim. They are accompanied by Captain Singh, the oldest boy from the school, who accompanies them on the dholak (drum) and assists in presenting classes. Swami Mangalananda also yearly visits the US, giving concerts and classes and visiting Ma’s devotees.
Swami Mangalananda with Sri Swami Dayananda ji and the devotees of Sri Ma Anandamayi Ashram in Hawaii, U.S.A.